With the big church festivals behind us, we at St. Peter’s are entering into the long green season. Also called “ordinary time,” these Sundays between last week’s celebration of the Holy Trinity and Reformation Sunday in the fall tell the stories of Jesus ministry, and the color green is seen throughout our worship space.

This long green season is timed perfectly with the green season of New Jersey. Even now, as the rain pours down, the trees and plants are bright with shades of green, transforming the grays of winter and cement. It is an amazing time of year, when the days are longer and the sun’s warmth feel miraculous.  It is a time of year when God’s fingerprints are everywhere we look.  It is a time of year which calls us to pay attention to God’s beautiful creation, and challenges us to live responsibly in care of it.

At St. Peter’s, during this Green Season,  we are completing our project to change all of our light bulbs to energy efficient CFL’s. One of our confirmands is working on a recycling program for us. These are just a few small things we are doing to live out our responsibility to protect and care for our earth.  We will continue to seek out other ways we can live as caretakers of God’s amazing creation.