This past weekend, Lutherans of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America from throughout New Jersey came together for our annual assembly. It’s basically like an enormous family reunion. People from throughout our church gather together to tell the stories of what has happened in our lives together, to encourage one another and to work toward our shared purpose. We come together and are sent back out to bless and love the whole world, and share the good news of Jesus.

We had some great conversations, and heard amazing stories of the ways in which God is doing miraculous work through the churches on this territory. From food banks to care for refugees, from teaching bible stories through theater camps to working to end the death penalty in NJ, from the bold witness of pastors on street corners to the quiet prayers of those visiting the sick and the imprisoned, we are participating with the whole church to transform this state, and the world.

I give thanks that we are part of this miraculous witness, and am renewed to continue to see what else God has in store for us.