It has been difficult time for markets, for banks and corporations here and around the world. It is a time that is full of anxiety. So many people around the world are impacted by this crisis. As I pray for those who are losing jobs, income, or their homes in the midst of these happenings- I’ve been contemplating how different our economy is from God’s economy.

In an effort to not let the big corporations (and the global economy) fail, the government has seemed to socialize debt while it has privatized profit. And yet we confess that through Jesus, God does not let us fail. God privatized debt, giving it all to Jesus, while the whole world participated in the joy and profit of abundant life through Jesus. God’s economy works to make a world in which all people might know the abundance of life and love in Christ.

Even in the midst of scarcity, we can know and trust that the abundance we know in Jesus is for all- for the poor and rich alike, for the CEOs and janitors, for those overwhelmed by a debt they cannot pay and for those daily in worry for their future. To all of us, Jesus has come, to remove all that wearies and burdens us, to build a community that cares for one another, so that we- and all this world- might know abundant life.

-Pastor Sara