In these last few weeks before Election Day, we are confronted by pundits and commercials, op-eds and conversations which seek to sway our opinions. As Lutherans, we believe that our faith impacts the way that we vote.  There are things which we hold as important, central issues that grow out of prayer, conversation and Bible Study. We are called- as the church- to be a community of moral deliberation. The gift of being in a church community is that we can gather together with people of all sorts of differing opinions and listen to one another, learn from one another, and know that these differences are a gift to us.  As our country becomes more and more fractured and separated, we can gather together as the church which is neither red nor blue, Republican or Democrat, but full of people who are genuinely and thoughtfully seeking to better our world as followers of Jesus.

The ELCA (the denomination of which we are a part) has a number of Social Statements that discuss the important issues which shape our advocacy and public ministry. You can find them here.