For at least 15 years, St. Peter’s has been helping to support of the work of EPES, in Chile. EPES (Educacion Popular en Salud) was founded in 1982 during the military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet as a health training project of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile. Inspired by a vision of quality and fairness of health care for the poor, it offered training, guidance, and support for community health groups. Over the past 20 years, EPES has grown from a small emergency-response team to a leader of systematic community mobilizations to improve health services and awareness.

We continue to support the work of EPES and their miraculous work changing lives of people in Chile (and throughout the Central and South America through Action for Health in the Americas).  Through financial support and our prayers, we are able to help respond to the real needs of our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Through them the world becomes  little smaller and we realize that we are, indeed, interconnected in one body of Christ.

EPES is one of many organizations that are part of the global partnerships that we share throught the ELCA’s Global Mission. In partnership with Lutherans and other Christians living in over 90 countries around our world, these missionaries are working to make God’s vision of health for the sick, food the for hungry, water for the thirsty and justice for the oppressed a lived reality.  God is doing amazing things in this world and it is a gift that we are able to participate in this work by supporting EPES.

At worship this Sunday, we will be signing our commitment to supporting EPES for another year, and lifting up their transformative and miraculous work for God’s people.